Roof replacement

At COMPLETE ROOFING, whether you need RE-ROOF, New ROOF, ROOF REPAIR, Butynol MEMBRANE, or Spouting / Guttering replacement, we've got you covered.  We work with our customers throughout the Wellington, Porirua, Hutt Valley, and Wairapa Regions to ensure that their Roofing needs are met. So what can we help with? Take a look at our main services below...



Before with Chimney


After with New Colorsteel Roof & Chimney removed.

So if you need a new roof, We can help. if your roof has a persistent leaks or deteriorated ares then you probably need a roof replacement. Complete Roofing provide roof replacement for both commercial and Residential throughout the Wellington region and be on

We replace existing roofs. We work with a number of different roofing materials including Colosteel, Colocote, copper, Zincalume, and Aluminium.

Colorsteel Endura colour Chart

Colorsteel MAXX colour chart



Roof Profiles



Roofs are very susceptible to damage from all kinds of environmental influences. Leaves from nearby trees are one of the leading causes of premature aging. Excessive moisture caused by lack of roof slope or improper drainage is also a critical factor. Other influences could be animals, high winds and people walking on the roof who do not know the proper procedures.

Our Services includes; repair, maintenance, and installation of flat roofing (low pitch roofs), steep slope, roof renovations and roof-top unit retro-fits, cap flashing and architectural metal, custom roof construction processes, metal panel / sheet metal, skylights, and rubber roof membranes





Butynol is also suitable for many Low pitch / flat roofs situations.  Butynol is extremely durable.

We provide roof repairs and re-roofs to all butynol flat roofs

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We can repair or replace leaky or broken spouting on any home or business.

We also replace your old rusted gutters & downpipes with Colorsteel, Zincalume, or Marley gutters & downpipes. We also do continuous colorsteel spouting.

Box Gutter 125mm

Box Gutter 175mm

Box Gutter 300mm

Squareline Gutter


Metalline Quad Gutter

Quarter Round Gutter

Half Round Gutter

Rectangular Downpipe

Round Downpipe


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